Gary Stanford | About
Photography is my passion and I see the world through the lens of a camera. Whether a New York City street scene, a majestic sunset, or a pastoral rural landscape, God has given me the ability to interpret that scene in a unique way.
My subject matter is quite varied. I enjoy the vitality of an urban street scene just as much as the quiet beauty of a seacoast which has been beaten, smoothed and polished by sun and waves.
I have been entirely self taught, learning my craft in high school and honing it while working at my college yearbook and newspaper, photographing rock stars, celebrities and student demonstrations in the late '60's.
After spending 30 years in the banking profession, I picked up my craft again, immersing myself in the new technologies and hardware while still maintaining my skills in traditional analog methods. Today, by combining the best of both technologies, I am able to present photographic images of uncompromising quality and visual technique.
My present focus is the landscape, whether it be the urban sidewalk, the seacoast or the Connecticut countryside. A good portion of my work is in black and white while the balance is in color; both using film based technology or digital as needed.
This site is a work in progress and there will be continual updates. Please leave your comments and let me know what you think.

Technical Information:

I use a variety of equipment and techniques in my work, utilizing both digital and analog methods. Much of my film-based work utilizes medium format which is then scanned and digitized. I process the black and white as well as color work myself. There is a minimal use of Photoshop; post processing is usually limited to cropping and minor color adjustments.